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      Balu soc has grown from a partnership enterprise to a corporate entity. Its growth has been fuelled by a dynamic leadership that uses quality and turn-around time as the most important parameters in its roadmap to success. Its corporate mission remains focused on expanding its product range and enhancing global presence by adding value to everyday fashion.
      The global competition for quality knitwear has countries competing for a share of the pie from every corner of the globe.This makes it imperative to invest in the best of technology and equipment.Balu Soc has sophisticated cutting and stitching machines, a range of modern fully automated nine colour embroidery machines from Japan,the most sophisticated 12-colour printing machine from Germany and an exhaustive inspection and packaging section that ensures quality and conforms to international specifications.
      We are corporate entity that is acutely conscious of the impacts of industry on the environment.One of the primary challenge in the recent years has been putting into place an eco monitoring system that ensures the manufacturing environment has minimum impact on the immediate physical community.Water treatment plants and effluent treatment stations are strategically positioned in the area and water is recycled and reused.

Our Other Services

      Only the best materials are sourced from reputes suppliers and we look into even the smallest detail to ensure perfection. So when you move into a Balu Compendium home you can do so with a sense of pride.
      Balu Soc Solar is a leading producer of solar wafers in terms of capacity and a leading high-purity polysilicon and solar module manufacturer. The company has expanded its business to meet the solar industry's requirements for high-quality and low-cost solar materials and solutions.
      We are a well established Indian manufacturer & exporter successfully meeting the demands of global readymade garment markets. Our facilities, technology and standards of performance meets international paradigms..
      Balu Soc are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of garments such as shirts, trousers, T-shirts, track-suits, coats, sweaters and jackets etc. for boys, girls, men, women and kids.
22,Devangapuram Street, Tirupur - 641 602.
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